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ROI Media to present at Florida Government Communicators Association’s Annual Confrence

ROI Media to present at Florida Government Communicators Association’s Annual Confrence

ROI Media’s CEO Adam Bartolotta will be closing the conference with a presentation on How to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan. With the fast-paced changing world of technology, the Florida Government Communicators Association is bringing the concept of “Geek” to a whole new level of understanding.

FGCA’s 2011 Annual Conference will be from Thursday, July 28, 2011 through Friday, July 29, 2011 at the Lido Beach Resort in beautiful Sarasota County.

This year’s theme is “Get Your Geek On.” With app technology, mobile devices, and a completely changing internet landscape, our world is definitely bringing out the “geek” in all of us.

“We are very excited about this year’s conference and our theme. For government communicators – and for marketing professionals everywhere – this is a very timely topic as we look for ways to best reach our audience,” said Crystal Pruitt, FGCA president and Communications Manager with Sarasota County Government.

Since 1989, the Florida Government Communicators Association has been the premier communication organization for those involved in governments, special districts, and other public communication roles.

Dollar for dollar, the FGCA Conference is the most valuable conference for local government and allied agency communicators. Attendees learn and share best practices from communications professionals in both the public and private sectors and also gain invaluable networking with peers, as well as access to conference materials at the conference.

The 2011 Annual Conference will begin at noon on Thursday, July 28, 2011 with a lunch, keynote speaker, and afternoon breakout sessions. That evening, the conference will include a social and a Restaurant Romp to encourage the broadening of personal networks. On Friday, the conference will extend a full day and include breakfast, lunch, and breakout sessions throughout the day.

Breakout sessions will include a number of timely topics, including branding your agency or community; developing strategic marketing plans; using free internet tools to help you reach your audience; using enhanced technology to further your reach, such as QR Codes, apps, and other mobile technology; and much more.

FGCA members are invited to register for the conference for $199. The registration includes lunch and snacks on Thursday and breakfast, lunch, and snacks on Friday.